Monday, 8 September 2008

Chapter 23

The day of the wedding had finally arrived and Leah bounced out of bed excitedly, waking up Richie in the process. He wasn’t looking too great this morning in Leah’s opinion. He had taken the celebratory drinking a bit far the night before and Leah and David had to help him up the stair to bed, something he had no recollection of this morning. They have a couple of hours before they have to start getting dressed for the ceremony which was due to start at 3pm so Leah set about getting Richie into a humanised state rather than the hung-over mess he had woke up as. Trying many different hang-over helpers as she could think of she eventually ran out of ideas and ran down the hall for any advice from they other guys. Jon and David couldn’t resist the idea of getting to see the state Richie was in and headed straight to their room to poke fun at him. After he had heard enough teasing from them he threw them out and went back to sleep telling Leah to wake him up in enough time to get dressed. Leah decided that 2pm would be enough time for him to get ready in and woke him up. “Hey sexy lady! How’d you expect me to get out of bed when you’re standing over me dressed like that?” Richie joked pulling her towards him and kissed her. She had got dressed while Richie was asleep so she could pay Josh a visit before the ceremony started. “Haha, I don’t think so Mr. I’m going down to see Josh in a minute so you better get your ass in gear and get moving and I’ll see you down there,” Leah told him as he got out of bed. Kissing him once more and slapping his ass as a teasing sign to hurry him up, she left the room to find Josh.

She didn’t have to look far to find him as she approached the room that they would be married in that overlooked the loch. He was pacing nervously up and down the length of the room. “So how’s the groom doing this morning?” Leah asked, startling Josh. She pulled him into a hug. “I’m having a cow! I keep thinking I’m going to forget what I’m to say and forget her name. I’m going to do it all wrong!” Josh blurted out. Leah laughed at the state he had gotten himself into over nothing. “Josh, you need to calm down and breathe. You want to marry her, right?” Leah asked making sure it was just his clumsiness that had him so panicked. “Yeah, I love her to pieces. I can’t wait to marry her, I just want to do it right. I’m always saying the wrong things, what if I do it today?” Josh spoke so fast it was hard for Leah to pick out the words. “Well if it does you can just laugh, because that’s what Emily would do. She loves you and that means she must love your clumsiness too, so if you mess up your words she’ll just laugh,” Leah said hoping it would calm his nerves. It seemed to work as he stopped babbling on and started to breathe easy. “So your getting married to Richie,” he said nudging Leah with his elbow. “I think I should take the credit for that,” he added looking smug with himself. Leah couldn’t help but laugh. She was glad he had convinced her to give it a shot with Richie. “So what’s the plans then?” Josh asked. “To be honest I haven’t really thought about it, I mean it was only yesterday,” Leah answered not wanting to distract him from his own wedding. They spent a short time together talking about the wedding and other things before they had to get him ready to greet the guests as they arrived and waited on the bride to arrive.

Leah met Richie in the hallway standing with Jon and Dot. They spent a couple of minutes talking before going in to take their seats, most people had got used to the idea of Bon Jovi being at the wedding by now and so they only had to deal with a few who arrived today and wanted autographs and pictures. Eventually the music started up and they all watched as Emily made her way down the aisle looking beautiful in a simple ivory gown. Leah had to hold in her laugh when she saw Josh’s face as he watched her come towards him. He seemed to a settled down a lot since she spoke to him as he never hesitated on anything. Finally the ceremony was over and they were all heading outside for the photographs to be taken. Luckily the sky was bright during the photographs as it had been dull for the beginning of the day. Leah found it funny the way the guests from outside the UK had to keep putting their jackets on and off since they weren’t used to the ever changing British weather. Leah counted at least three times she saw Richie remove his just to put it back on again and couldn’t help laugh when the photographer put him straight over what a kilt was when he heard him say, “I feel sorry for they guys in the skirts.”

The photographs went by quite quickly and all of the guys were raving about how beautiful the place was and how they understood why they picked it. The dinner passed quickly with people getting a good laugh from the speeches and then it was time for the party. Everyone was enjoying themselves and Leah had only managed to see Josh and Emily once after the ceremony and only for a brief few minutes. It was now time for them to leave as they were booked on a flight to Barbados for their honeymoon. Leah couldn’t help but burst into tears as Josh gave her a hug goodbye. He really was happy this time with Emily and she hoped it would last for him. Richie wiped away her tears after they had left and Leah grabbed his hand and ran out the hotel with him. “Where the hell you taking me this time?” Richie laughed. “I want to go to this place I remember, it’s just up here,” she replied while pulling him up the hill behind her. Eventually they arrived at a stunning little hideaway where two swings sat overlooking the loch. They both sat on them swinging away like a couple of kids in the pouring rain.

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