Monday, 8 September 2008

Chapter 22

The time they spent together in Sedona was the best time of Leah’s life. She had never felt so close to someone, not even Joe. Although she knew she loved Joe it just wasn’t the same with him as she felt when she was with Richie. Today would be the last day they had together in Sedona as they had a plane to catch later at night to take them to Glasgow for Josh’s wedding in two days time. Leah was both excited and apprehensive about going back to Loch Lomond, she was unsure about how it would feel to be so close to the memories she had of Joe while she was with Richie, she doesn’t want anything to ruin what they have. Packing their cases and tidying up the rest of the house, Leah and Richie were busy for most of the day getting everything sorted so they would only need to pick up their cases later and head to the airport. Leah’s excitement seemed to be rubbing off on Richie who was tidying up as fast as he could before telling Leah he had booked a table at a local restaurant for dinner. After finishing up all the tasks they had set themselves they had a couple of hours to spare before they were to go for dinner so they made the most of the pool. Richie continued to be really excited and playful as he ducked Leah under the water. The time had passed so fast while they were having fun that they were going to be late for their dinner. Racing each other to get into the shower first, they ended up playfully fighting over it before deciding to go together.

Arriving at the restaurant they were only a few minutes late and were served immediately much to their relief as they didn’t want to be late for the plane. They spent most of the dinner laughing and joking while they drank their wine. It was a beautiful restaurant they were in. The place had been well decorated and was clearly designed for couples having romantic meals as every table had candles and most were only two seats. They even had a band at the front of the room who were softly playing cheesy love longs that Leah hated. This, Richie found rather amusing as he watched her expression change at the end of every song anticipating the next one in hope that it was something she liked but each time ended up disappointed. Eventually they left the restaurant, choosing to walk the small distance back to the house. Walking hand in hand they enjoyed each others company all the way back to the foot of the hill that the house was on. Leah had noticed Richie had gone quiet after being so excited and playful a few seconds earlier. She was rather confused when he stopped and got to his knee. “I know you had some wine to drink but I didn’t think it was enough to make you unable to walk,” Leah said, laughing as she tried to pull him off the ground. Richie laughed loudly, “Stop it, woman. Just stand up, I’m trying to do something here.” Leah looked confused until he brought a ring out of his pocket and the realisation hit her. “Leah Mendez, will you do me the honour of marrying me?” Richie asked her. Leah was overwhelmed, she didn’t know what to do. Jumping at him and knocking him over, they both lay on the ground as she repeatedly shouted “yes.”

Arriving at Glasgow airport, Leah and Richie eagerly await Jon and Dot and the others to tell them their news. Excitedly they bounce around the airport waiting on their flight to arrive. It was mid afternoon in Glasgow after the overnight flight and Richie and Leah were starting to feel tired as they hadn’t got much sleep on the plane due to their excitement. After hours of waiting, the others finally arrive and we all say our hello’s. It wasn’t long before Jon noticed how excited Richie and Leah were and asks, “What’s got you two so happy?” Richie tells them they are looking at the future Mrs Sambora and they all congratulate them. Everyone seems really happy for them and Jon revealed that he and Dot had been placing bets on when he would pop the question while telling them, “Anyone can see you two were made for each other.” Together they all got into the cars that had been arranged to take them to the hotel they would be staying in at Loch Lomond.

On arrival at the loch, Josh and Emily were waiting for them and Leah couldn’t tell them their news quick enough. Josh lifted her off the ground in excitement as he congratulated her before turning to congratulate Richie. Emily also seemed happy about the news and gave her a big hug. They explained to them that they wouldn’t be telling anyone else over the weekend as they didn’t want to take the attention from Josh and Emily and asked them to keep quiet. After they met the rest of the guest who had arrived early they all went to their rooms to unpack before meeting up again later for a couple of drinks. At the bar they all catch up on what each other has been up to with their time off. Leah notices that Dot isn’t drinking alcohol and asks her about it. Instead of an answer Dot elbows Jon and whispers something in his ear. He then tells them he wants to make an announcement, “I know we’ve already had some great news today but we’ve got more to add to it. We’re having a baby!” Everyone holds their drinks up and one by one congratulates them. Richie asks, “We? So is that one each? I thought you were getting a little chubby the last time I saw you.” Leah watches as everyone talks about the news. She can’t help but feel a mixture of sadness and happiness. She loves that Dot and Jon are having a baby and knows they will be good parents but can’t help but feel sad that she might not ever be able to.

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